Il prezzo di Bitcoin è raddoppiato in 75 giorni: quanto manca al prossimo 100%?

L’analisi storica suggerisce che la quantità di tempo necessaria per raddoppiare il prezzo del Bitcoin potrebbe accelerare durante questa corsa al rialzo.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin è raddoppiato negli ultimi 75 giorni, spingendo alcuni analisti a chiedersi se il mercato si stia avvicinando all’eccessiva estensione

Tuttavia, l’analisi storica del team di monitoraggio di Bitcoin CaseBitcoin suggerisce che i mercati di Bitcoin potrebbero accelerare ulteriormente, osservando che il „tempo di raddoppio“ di BTC – il tempo impiegato per aumentare il prezzo del 100% – si è ridotto a soli 12 giorni appena prima del picco del toro del 2017 correre .

CaseBitcoin osserva che il tempo di raddoppio più veloce registrato durante l’attuale ciclo di mercato è stato il 7 gennaio, con BTC che è passato da $ 21.000 a $ 42.000 in soli 22 giorni.

L’azienda suggerisce che ci sono somiglianze tra l’azione del mercato di gennaio e quella avvenuta durante l’agosto 2017, il „periodo medio del mercato rialzista del 2017“. Allora, il prezzo di Bitcoin è raddoppiato in soli 26 giorni per taggare $ 5.000 per la prima volta, prima di crollare del 40% nelle settimane successive. Parlando della recente corsa, CaseBitcoin ha concluso :

„In generale, gli ultimi mesi assomigliano al periodo medio del mercato rialzista del 2017, con tempi di raddoppio per lo più inferiori a 100 giorni, ma mai inferiori a 20.“

„Sarà interessante vedere se i tempi di raddoppio alla velocità della fine dei cicli 2013 e 2017 avvengono anche questa volta“, hanno aggiunto gli analisti

Nel 2013, il tempo di raddoppio di Bitcoin si è ridotto a soli quattro giorni entro una settimana dal picco della stagione dei tori.

Molti analisti ritengono che l’attuale mercato rialzista abbia più spazio per crescere, con i fondatori dell’aggregatore di dati crittografici Glassnode che condividono i dati che mostrano che il calo dell’offerta liquida di Bitcoin – una stima di quante monete circolano liberamente e non sono bloccate da „entità illiquide „- ha subito un’accelerazione dall’inizio del 2021.

I dati mostrano anche che l’offerta liquida di Bitcoin è diminuita in modo significativo dall’aprile 2020, con Glassnode che ha stimato che il 78% del BTC circolante fosse già illiquido a dicembre 2020.

Jack Dorsey en Jay-Z werken samen om Bitcoin Development Trust aan te bieden

  • Jack Dorsey en Jay-Z bieden 500 BTC ontwikkelingsfonds aan.
  • Het fonds zal zich in eerste instantie richten op regio’s in Afrika en India.
  • De schenking is gewaardeerd op bijna 24 miljoen dollar tegen de huidige prijzen.

Twitter CEO en Bitcoin-stier Jack Dorsey creëert een nieuw Bitcoin-ontwikkelingsfonds samen met rapper en ondernemer Jay-Z.

Dorsey kondigde het „₿trust“ Bitcoin-fonds

Dorsey kondigde het „₿trust“ Bitcoin-fonds aanvankelijk aan via een tweet op 12 februari 2021, die hij beschrijft als een „blinde onherroepelijke trust.“

De schenking van 500 BTC zal zich in eerste instantie richten op Bitcoin-ontwikkeling in Afrika en India. Als bijlage bij de tweet voegde Dorsey een kort document toe waarin mensen zich kunnen aanmelden als bestuurslid, waarvan ze er drie zullen kiezen.

JAY-Z/@S_C_ en ik geven 500 BTC aan een nieuwe stichting genaamd ₿trust om #Bitcoin ontwikkeling te financieren, in eerste instantie gericht op teams in Afrika & India. Het zal worden opgezet als een blinde onherroepelijke trust, die geen enkele leiding van ons krijgt. We hebben 3 bestuursleden nodig om te beginnen.

Tegen de huidige BTC-prijs van 47.650 dollar komt deze schenking neer op bijna 24 miljoen dollar, wat de ₿trust in relatieve dollartermen tot een van de grootste fondsen van deze aard maakt, zo niet het grootste.

Jay-Z mag dan niet veel ervaring hebben op het gebied van de wereldwijde ontwikkeling van Bitcoin, Dorsey blijft een van de grootste voorstanders. Dorsey is de CEO van het digitale betalingsplatform Square. Via Square biedt Dorsey een subsidieprogramma voor cryptocurrency dat geld geeft aan geselecteerde Bitcoin-ontwikkelingsprojecten.

Voor de ontwikkeling van cryptocurrency in Afrika

Hoewel de tweet niet uitlegt waarom het fonds zich specifiek zal richten op Afrika en India, kan men aannemen dat de onderontwikkelde en restrictieve financiële sectoren in delen van die regio’s een belangrijke factor zijn.

Akon, een andere beroemde muzikant uit de vroege jaren 2000, heeft zich ook massaal ingezet voor de ontwikkeling van cryptocurrency in Afrika. De rapper en songwriter plant een hele slimme stad die hij „Akon City“ heeft genoemd in zijn thuisland Senegal. De stad zal in de komende tien jaar worden gebouwd en zal zijn eigen micro-economie hebben, gebaseerd op een digitale munt genaamd „AKoin“.

Yearn Finance: DAI vault suffers $ 11 million theft

The forward pocketed $ 2.8 million from Yearn Finance.

The yDai safe was exploited in a new „flash loan“ attack.

The YFI price fell 12% while the CRV gained 15%

Another exploit in a decentralized finance protocol allowed the attacker to steal several million dollars. This time, the protocol in question is Yearn Finance.

A developer Yearn Finance reported that its safe v1 yDAI was infiltrated by a malicious actor in the early hours of February 5. He added that the hacker ran away with $ 2.8 million, and the safe lost $ 11 million.

Strategy deposits have been disabled for version 1 DAI, TUSD, USDC, USDT vaults while the DeFi platform investigates. It appears that Curve Finance’s liquidity providers also benefited from the attack, to the tune of around $ 3 million.

A new flash loan attack

Research analyst Igor Igamberdiev analyzed the facts, stating that the assailant carried out eleven transactions. It started with a flash loan of 116,000 ETH from the dYdX exchange. Another flash loan of 99,000 ETH was granted by Aave v2, which was then used as collateral to borrow 134 million USDC and 129 million Dai on the Compound Finance platform.

The hacker added USDC and 36 million DAI to the 3crv Curve pool in order to remove 165 million USDT. This operation was repeated five times.

The remaining 93 million Dai was deposited in Yearn’s safe and the 165 million USDT went to the 3crv pool. The funds were then withdrawn from both pools after winning 3crv tokens, with the last withdrawal being 39 million Dai and 134 million USDC instead of USDT. Compound’s debt and the flash loan were then repaid.

“Each time the attacker had more 3crv tokens, which he could then exchange for stablecoins.”

Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave, said in a tweet that it was a complex attack involving more than 160 transactions on multiple DeFi platforms, costing more than $ 5,000 in gas fees. Investor Julien Thevenard said Curve Finance shareholders received more than $ 3 million from the loophole exploitation.

Bitcoin is perfect for companies

Changpeng Zhao remembers in the Tweet of the Day the usefulness of Bitcoin to make big transactions between companies in a cheap and safe way.

In the last few months, the most important trend within the crypto market has been the entry of large companies into the crypto community. Thus, today several top-level companies use Bitcoin as a means to protect the value of their capital. However, for Binance’s CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin is perfect for companies, not only as a means to save money, but also to make transactions, as he pointed out in the Tweet of the Day:

#Bitcoin is hoarded by many company treasuries now, mostly to protect against inflation.

They will soon find out #btc is also ideal for corporate transactions. Large, not super time sensitive tx that are easy to do and super secure. And they already both hold #btc.
– CZ Binance (@cz_binance) January 16, 2021

Bitcoin Bullrun and its relationship with the Halving

Companies start using Bitcoin

For a long time, companies have been careful about entering the crypto market. Neither for the management of these companies, nor for their shareholders, crypto currencies like Bitcoin seemed like solid assets in which to trust their capital. Especially due to the enormous volatility that constantly affects the price of virtual currencies.

This began to change in the year 2020, when several companies and institutional investors were encouraged to invest millions of dollars in Bitcoin. The leading example of this is MicroStrategy, the business software company that invested tens of millions of dollars in Bitcoin, multiplying its capital in just a few months. This has prompted more companies to follow this path.

However, for Changpeng Zhao, the use of Bitcoin as a store of value is not the only thing that cryptomoney can have. On the contrary, it can also be used to make large money transactions quickly, safely and cheaply. Because, unlike small transactions that must be done immediately, a transfer of several million dollars can be delayed for thirty minutes, in exchange for a sharp reduction in the commissions paid:

„Now #Bitcoin is hoarded in many corporate treasuries, mostly to protect against inflation. You will soon discover that #Bitcoin is also ideal for corporate transactions. Big, not super time-sensitive, easy to do and super secure. And both companies already have #BTC.

In this way, Changpeng Zhao points out one of the main uses for Bitcoin, which is usually ignored by analysts and companies. It could represent a true revolution in international finance, demonstrating that Bitcoin is perfect for companies.

Bitcoin (BTC) aktiva adresser slog rekordhögt på 1,34 miljoner

  • Antalet aktiva Bitcoin-adresser nådde nyligen en rekordhög nivå på 1,34 miljoner
  • Detta belopp är högre än de 1,29 miljoner som upplevdes den 14 december 2017
  • Bitcoin försöker förvandla prisområdet $ 40 000 till support
  • BTC är i överköpt territorium men $ 50 000 ser ut som nästa stopp
  • Ett tryck över $ 50 000 är troligt för Bitcoin

Antalet aktiva Bitcoin-adresser nådde nyligen en rekordhög nivå på 1,35 miljoner. Detta antal uppnåddes tidigare denna vecka när Bitcoin översteg pristaket på 37 000 USD. Denna imponerande milstolpe lyftes fram av teamet på Longhash som också påpekade att den sista all-time av aktiva Bitcoin-adresser låg på 1,29 miljoner och sattes den 14 december 2017. De delade också följande diagram med tillstånd av Coinmetrics och demonstrerade ökning av aktiva Bitcoin-adresser.

Bitcoin försöker göra $ 40 000 till support

I skrivande stund handlas Bitcoin till $ 40 800 i vad som ser ut som ett försök att göra $ 40 000-priset till support. Bitcoin har också förvandlat följande prisområden till kortsiktiga supportzoner som borde hålla om det finns en korrigering i rörledningen.

  • 38 600 dollar
  • 37 700 dollar
  • 36 300 dollar
  • 35 750 dollar

Bitcoin kommer troligen att trycka högre

Ur en teknisk analysperspektiv visar det veckovisa BTC / USDT-diagrammet nedan att Bitcoin har varit i överköpt territorium sedan det hade brutit prisstaket på 20 000 USD.

Även från diagrammet kan det observeras att Bitcoin också befann sig i överköpt territorium från slutet av 2016 fram till början av 2017. De orange pilarna ovan markerar första gången veckovisa MFI och RSI korsade till överköpt territorium under tjurcykeln 2016/17. De två indikatorerna skulle fortsätta att vara ”överköpta” under större delen av 2017 fram till början av 2018.

Bitcoins veckovisa MFI och RSI flyttade också till överköpt territorium i slutet av 2020 och i början av 2021. Med hjälp av cykeln 2016/17 som en guide, och om historien upprepar sig, kan det nuvarande scenariot förutse att Bitcoin har minst 12 månaders aktiv hausse innan någon tarmförstörande tillbakadrag som den som bevittnades i början av 2018.

Som med alla analyser av Bitcoin över $ 20 000, påminns handlare och investerare att BTC: s nuvarande prisrörelse är bokstavligen okartat territorium. Därför rekommenderas användning av låga hävstångs- och stoppförluster när man går länge på de olika derivatplattformarna.

Riot Blockchain appoints Hubert Marleau as new director


  • Riot appoints Hubert Marleau to the Board of Directors
  • Marleau was previously Governor of the Montreal and Vancouver stock exchanges.
  • Riot shares jumped 50% last week after the slow pace of 2020

After releasing financial data for the third quarter of 2020 showing an increase in mining revenues and margins, Riot Blockchain announced changes to the Board of Directors.

Riot Blockchain, listed on NASDAQ, one of the few publicly traded companies operating Bitcoin, recently made changes to its board of directors. A short press release posted on Riot’s website indicates that Remo Mancini had resigned from the board of directors with immediate effect:

Sir. Mancini’s decision to resign from the company’s Board of Directors is not the result of any disagreement with the company’s operations, policies or procedures.

Marleau for the role

The company also announced that it has appointed Hubert Marleau to fill the vacant seat. Mr. Marleau brings with him a wealth of experience in macroeconomic policy and analysis, corporate governance, financial analysis and investment banking. Most notable is Marleau’s tenure as Governor of the Montréal and Vancouver stock exchanges and as a director of the Toronto Stock Exchange. These ongoing high-level appointments, ranging from the traditional financial system to the cryptosystem, give additional legitimacy to the crypto bank review space.

Riot Blockchain also made headlines last month after announcing that he had purchased an additional $6 million in Bitcoin mining equipment from Bitmain. This purchase was in addition to many other purchases of mining equipment from Bitmain over much of 2020.

More than 15,000 miners were purchased in August. At the time, Mancini stated that the company’s strategic transformation was well underway. Riot was working to become one of the largest Bitcoin miners in North America. Mancini also stated at the time that Riot would achieve positive cash flow by the end of 2020.

The outlook is certainly good as Riot’s shares jumped 50% this week.

Shares of Colorado-based bitcoin mining company Riot Blockchain jumped 50% this week to two-year highs as bitcoin continues to advance to record levels.

Report from @zackvoell

Riot in the red in 2018

Riot’s bull market activity is very surprising as their 2018 financial report revealed losses of $58 million. With the price of Bitcoin reaching almost new unprecedented highs, mining companies are now well placed to bank or, as is the case, crypto.

Read more about Riot Blockchain

Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) specializes in the extraction of cryptography with an emphasis on Bitcoin. Riot also holds non-controlling investments in blockchain technology companies. The company, based in Castle Rock, Colorado, was founded in 2000 and the company’s main mining facility is located in Massena, New York.

Wanneer zal de Financial Times de nederlaag over Bitcoin toegeven?

Wat is er nodig voordat de Financial Times de nederlaag toegeeft?

De Financial Times houdt niet van Bitcoin . Of cryptocurrency . Of iets buiten de traditionele bankwereld. Dit is misschien niet verrassend gezien het feit dat de krant 132 jaar oud is en zich richt op een bepaald publiek, maar hoewel sommige van hun argumenten legitiem zijn, zijn ze af en toe zo afwijzend over een of andere aspecten van Bitcoin dat ze je herinneren aan de ‚ schreeuwt de oude man naar de meme van Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Halving Piece onthulde gebrek aan begrip

Een voorbeeld van zo’n voorbeeld is de ‚berichtgeving‘ van de Financial Times over de halvering van Bitcoin in mei . Op de halveringsdag bracht de krant een stuk uit dat het gesprek verwierp over de verlaging van de beloning die leidde tot een prijsstijging op de weg, ondanks dat de geschiedenis anders suggereert.

Nadat hij had toegegeven dat het deflatoire model „best handig“ was, ondermijnde de schrijver vervolgens zijn kennis van Bitcoin door de inherente schaarste ervan te koppelen aan de honderden Bitcoin-forks die er zijn:

… Er is geen schaarste in het aantal copycat-cryptocurrencies, wat het idee van schaarste in bitcoin ondermijnt.

Afgezien daarvan, bij het bespreken van de halvering, zat het stuk in de Financial Times vol spot met degenen die voorspelden dat de halvering opnieuw als prijskatalysator zou fungeren, met de grap: ‚De broeders lijken nog steeds te hopen dat de post-halvering , zal de prijs stijgen. „

Nou, de prijs is zeker gestegen – op de halveringsdag werd hij gewaardeerd op $ 8.500 en staat hij vandaag op $ 11.845. Dat is een stijging van 39%. Op traditionele markten zou dat zeker als een golf gelden, maar als we het over Bitcoin hebben, schuiven we dat gewoon onder het tapijt omdat het niet past in het verhaal, ja?

Financial Times zal altijd een excuus vinden om Bitcoin te verpletteren

De vraag wordt: op welk punt zal de Financial Times toegeven dat hun leedvermaak en scepticisme misplaatst is? Wat moet Bitcoin doen om uitstel te krijgen – recordhoogtes doorbreken, $ 100.000 bereiken, coronavirus genezen?

Het heeft zich hersteld van de marktcrash in maart met een waarde van 238% – als het echt zo’n waardeloos bezit was geweest als de Financial Times beweert, zou het zeker toen en daar zijn gestorven? En wat zal er gebeuren als de profetie wordt vervuld, als Bitcoin ’stijgt‘? Ze zullen een ander excuus vinden om het aan toe te schrijven, een andere manier om het te kleineren.

BitTorrent buys DLive streaming service

Protocol announced the purchase of DLive, a blockchain-based streaming service.

The data transfer protocol BitTorrent has bought the streaming service DLive

This can be read in a press release published on October 23 by the company, which was founded in 2001 and which Justin Sun acquired in 2018. The founder of the TRON protocol has also announced the new BitTorrent X ecosystem. A detailed video conference is planned for November.

The BitTorrent protocol was soon used by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The new ecosystem with the addition of „X“ should, however, offer all of the company’s services in a decentralized manner, i.e. be based on a blockchain. The underlying cryptocurrency will be the blockchain’s own BitTorrent Token (BTT). In addition to data distribution, decentralized data storage will also be possible there. DLive will take on the task of live streaming of eSport content. The platform has been a strategic partner of the American data transfer giant since December 2019.

Bit torrent X competition for the establishment?

BitTorrent X is the next step in creating a truly decentralized internet.

BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun is sure of his successand would probably answer the question with a clear „Yes!“ In the company itself, however, not everything is running smoothly . About five senior employees left the company in 2018 in a dispute about the future of the company.

The YouTuber PewDiePie advertised DLive in April of last year. With 107 million subscribers now, he is one of the largest YouTubers and social influencers worldwide: Back then, he signed an exclusive live stream contract. In contrast to centralized services such as YouTube or Twitch, the blockchain solution gives gamers most of the income they generate.

Bitcoin eksploderer mod $ 12.000 som Altcoins springer; Hvad analytikere siger

Bitcoin har suget luften ud af altcoins i de sidste par timer, hvor prisen steg betydeligt, da Ethereum og andre altcoins alle er udsolgt

Dette rally har sendt det op mod $ 12.000, hvilket markerer nye højder siden dets tilbagegang fra dets $ 12.400 årlige højder først begyndte
Det ser ud til, at tyre i øjeblikket sætter deres syn på et træk forbi $ 12.000
I modsætning til Bitcoins tidligere rally – som opstod sammen med det, der blev set af altcoins – er denne kommet til den dyre altcoins
En analytiker mener, at BTCs mindre kolleger alle er utroligt svage i øjeblikket og klar til at se yderligere svaghed fremover

Bitcoin og hele kryptokurrencymarkedet begynder at se øget volatilitet igen.

I dag har BTC skubbet op mod $ 12.000 i et skarpt træk, der uventet opstod. Dette træk sugede en betydelig mængde kapital væk fra altcoins, hvilket fik mange til at springe ned, da BTC samlede sig.
Prishandlingen set for sent er klart bullish, og Bitcoin viser tegn på at bryde sin sammenhæng med det globale aktiemarked.

En analytiker forventer, at benchmark-kryptovalutaen vil se længere opad, men han bemærker, at altcoins vokser utroligt svage.
Bitcoin rally mod $ 12.000, når konsolideringsfasen slutter

I løbet af de sidste to uger var Bitcoin fanget i en stram konsolideringsfase, da prisen handles mellem $ 11.200 og $ 11.600.

Dette faste handelsinterval er siden blevet brudt, og BTC er nu på vej til at skubbe forbi sin centrale $ 12.000 modstand.

I skrivende stund handler Bitcoin lidt over 1% til den nuværende pris på $ 11.900. Dette er omkring den højeste pris, det har været, siden det først faldt til under $ 12.000 måneder siden.
Analytiker: Altcoins Express fortsatte svaghed som BTC’s styrke

Bitcoins nuværende uptrend forekommer i løbet af en all-around blodig dag for kryptomarkedet, da mange altcoins har kaste en betydelig del af deres værdi, når BTC skubber højere.

En analytiker mener, at BTC vil se en urolig prishandling, før den kan bryde $ 12.000.

”Nu tilbage til at skære lidt rundt, måske få nogle bjørne til at ringe til undergang igen. BTC ser rigtig godt ud, alts ser virkelig svage ud. Og vi brød ikke engang ordentligt ud endnu, ”sagde han.

Bitcoin Altcoins
De kommende par dage skal skinne et lys over den langsigtede betydning af dette seneste skub højere.

Det skal også belyse, om altcoins fortsætter med at bløde, når Bitcoin rally.


  • Il prezzo di Bitcoin è rimasto bloccato in una fase di macro consolidamento negli ultimi mesi
  • Questo consolidamento ha portato alla formazione di un trading range tra i 10.000 e i 12.400 dollari, con tori e orsi che non sono in grado di rompere al di sopra o al di sotto di uno di questi livelli
  • Un analista sta ora osservando che i dati sembrano suggerire che BTC sta attualmente facendo trading ad un livello cruciale per il suo futuro
  • Anche se 20.000 dollari sono spesso considerati un livello di macro importanza, un trader afferma che questo livello ha importanza solo a livello psicologico
  • Egli sostiene che la regione da metà a più di 11.000 dollari è il livello veramente critico per le prospettive macro di Bitcoin

Il Bitcoin e il mercato aggregato delle crittografie sono stati colti in una delle fasi di macro consolidamento più intense che abbia visto da tempo. La criptovaluta di riferimento è stata scambiata tra i minimi di $10.000 e i massimi di $12.400, e ora si sta consolidando in maniera quadrata tra questi due livelli.

La regione di prezzo appena sopra dove è attualmente in commercio potrebbe continuare ad agire come una forte resistenza, come un analista sta notando che si tratta di una regione cruciale – probabilmente anche più importante di $ 20.000. Egli nota che, sebbene 20.000 dollari abbiano un’importanza psicologica, hanno semplicemente segnato un punto di forza e non hanno alcun significato tecnico.


Al momento in cui scriviamo, Crypto Cash è in crescita di poco meno dell’1% al suo attuale prezzo di 11.450 dollari. Questo è all’incirca il prezzo al quale è stato scambiato negli ultimi giorni. Gli orsi hanno tentato di accendere un forte selloff qualche giorno fa, ma questa pressione di vendita è stata rapidamente assorbita dai tori.

L’andamento dell’intero mercato dipenderà probabilmente in gran parte dal Bitcoin e dal fatto che possa o meno superare la sua resistenza di 11.600 dollari. Una continuazione delle negoziazioni al di sotto di questo livello potrebbe portare ad un grave ribasso nel medio termine.


Un analista ha spiegato in un recente tweet che dove il Bitcoin è attualmente in commercio è probabilmente più importante per il suo trend macro di 20.000 dollari, notando che il suo massimo storico è stato semplicemente un top che ha un certo significato psicologico.

„L’ATH era un blowoff top, quindi ora è più di un livello psicologico che altro. Proprio qui è ciò che conta in base a come il prezzo è stato distribuito nel tempo“, ha detto indicando il grafico sottostante.

Fino a quando Bitcoin non si rompe 11.600 dollari e inizia una nuova tappa più in alto, le sue prospettive a breve termine rimangono in qualche modo sconosciute.